liteRampPortable Wheelchair Ramps and Scooter Ramps

About LiteRamp

Nova Health Products was launched in 2003. At that time, 1-pice tri-fold ramps were the standard ramp design. Although the tri-fold wheelchair ramps can fold into quarters to reduce size, they don't reduce lifting weight. So we had a simple idea to solve the weight problem: making the ramp detachable into two suitcase-like folding pieces. We called it 2-piece ramps. Thus LiteRamp™ is born.

Today, almost all wheelchair ramps are welded. Welding however, is prone to human error. We avoid welding all together. Instead, we build our ramps entirely with aluminum extrusion. During extrusion, round aluminum stock is heated to a temperature where it becomes something like tooth paste. The paste is then squeezed through metal dies to form a continuous shape. The shapes are cooled down, cut to length, then heat treated to develop high strength and corrosion resistant. Finally, aluminum shapes are machined and assembled into ramps.

We pay great attention in building our ramps. We test even the smallest screws used on our ramps to make sure they meet the standard.

Our company also invented and makes the LiteShower™ portable and wheelchair-accessible shower stalls.

Extending your mobility is our goal.